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“I saw myself creating a world of freedom, love, peace, inspiration, fulfillment, ownership, and happiness for me, my family, my friends, my people…and for talented creatives who walked in their purpose. It started off as a dream…a bunch of what if’s… me asking myself what would a perfect world be like? What would I be doing? and with who? Sure enough…the more I thought about it in my head…I got so inspired and kinda overwhelmed I had to start writing it out…and my god…it gave me so much power…just to dream so freely…my ideas were taking mental shackles off of me…all these limitations I had put on myself all these years…all that doubt..all that fear…it couldn’t break through my new found hope and inspiration.

This whole time I had been surrounded by all of the people who inspired me the most and I had grown to love them…they were just like me too…full of talent and potential…and soooo deserving…but life.. bills…lack of resources …student loans..and all the other bs associated with “the matrix” was knocking them down and distracting us all. I decided to just say screw it and try to create this world I saw with all the resources we had at this point in our lives….and that was just us…our talents..our voice… our gifts….and our ideas.

I knew if we could just create our own platform where we could be our authentic selves… people would love it and be inspired. I knew that we could revolutionize music. We would promote substance and talent, we would be in control of our creative expression and freedom, we would start a peace and love revolution…and we would travel the world healing people with our gifts.

I saw us being the change we wanted to see in the world, in our culture, and in the music industry. It’s only been 2 years…they say once you jump off the boat you either sink or swim….

We’re still kicking …. still swimming…

It’s been beautiful…and it has been hard…I have cried tears of joy…and I have cried tears of frustration and disappointment…but we are still swimming…and we are changing people and healing people along the way…just like I had dreamed. This is only the beginning….stay tuned…this is history we are making…I can guarantee it!”

-Melanesia Hunter

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